WHOA, hold on a sec

Run for your life

None of you would even believe how much fruit I’m eating right now.



palest pigeon

Things to remember:


No workout? It’s okay. Eat 2,600 calories? It’s okay. Eat 2,600 calories without workout? It’s okay. Eat cake? It’s okay. Eat cookies? It’s okay. Eat lots and lots and lots and lots of chocolate? Sexy time.

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I love journalling.
Out of the shower and joining the sassysquats bandwagon.

Natural Tuesday!



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Pumpkin flax granola with chopped strawberries and banana, dark chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, raw cashews, and vanilla soy milk.

Yeah I tried to go to the gym today but it was so stuffy and I’m getting sick and I was just not having it. So I left. Because I refuse to spend time doing something that I don’t enjoy. And that’s my whole healthiness philosophy right thur. Also I have so much homework.