WHOA, hold on a sec

Run for your life




And Bree tries on popular summer tends and looks like a blob. This is why I hate summer. I need layers and all black to look good.

Man you look so lean progress is strong

It’s the all carb diet I’ve been on. What you do is you never work out and you eat 300g of carbs an hour.

^^same. Working like a charm. Should have that beach bod any day now.
LAST LEG OF THE HOMEWORKING. Some readings, and the discussion forum. 

Then. Tomorrow. Do you see that emptiness? Tomorrow I have NO HOMEWORK. Except maybe math and German but that will take like ten minutes each.

Oh my god. Is this real life. I will have time to go to the gym. And read for fun! Oh my glolodldlldnenejdie you guys have no idea how happy I am about the empty space on that paper.



Goals..forreal doe.

Oh god I hope I can do that some day

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Avocado Toast…RECIPE

Super TMI post, don’t read if girl things are gross.

I’m having a very stressful week. Aside from the regular three to four hours of homework I have to do each day, this week I have an essay. Five hours of volunteer work on Saturday, and another essay due on Monday. Two more essays in the near future. BUT I am dealing with all of this, and a messy room, with a yeast infection. Like great. Thanks genitals. What I really needed this week was for you to make everything uncomfortable so thanks for that, I’m really glad that I will be working on a ranch for five hours with a fucking yeast infection.

I hate life. Why does this week suck already?




I just love photos of pre packed foods!

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